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Sunday, May 22, 2011

For Pre-Searing Guild Wars Players

Back a few months ago I made LDoA in Guild Wars pre-searing. Legendary Defender of Ascalon is a Title in a category by itself. You think I am bragging, but now the truth will be revealed. It took me over two years, lol. The character, Arcturus, is a Mesmer that is a fastcaster specializing in domination magic. He also uses illusion and inspiration magic with two Ranger skills thrown in for balance. He has a pet wolf named 'Big Bad' that is now a level 20 - highest level obtainable in the game. One look at the accompanying picture above will certainly explain the gray wolf's name. Please note that his nose is behind Arc's leg. That helps with understanding the size scale. The picture will expand if you left click on it. As Aang Woo, Skye, Cyndane, Arelin, Forest, Laxen, Merlin, Shane and Ashy can verify, Arc knows how to die. Folks, be glad that "death-leveling" is gone. That's not to say the new way to pursue the title is any easier. It's not. Just quicker and less tedious. Death-leveling was an absolute boring grind.

The present strategy in the game is to pursue the new quests intended to make the LDoA Title reachable. There are nine quests. They are different every day and stay in the same order. If you find one quest that produces mega XP points repeat it. There is no limit concerning the number of times you can run the quest. Finish it, abandon it, then see Lieutenant Langmar and have her give you the quest again...and again. Personally, the Farmer Hamnett, Countess Nadya and Ascalon Nobleman quests were the best to produce XP points. Just realize the amount of points changes as you level up. So what seems easy at level 12 might not be that way at level 16. Hey, have fun with it. If it becomes a grind go do something else for a while.

You can make in-game money too. ALWAYS ID blue drops. They can have improved sale value. Remember the items Nicholas Sandford wants for each day and go after the varmints that drop them. Turn them in and collect GoTH. You can either use/sell these or mule them over on a character you keep in pre for this purpose. Get a trusted adventurer to hold the items while you change characters. Bring up your mule character, return to the game and collect your goodies. Then cross to post drop the items in the Xunlai chest and delete the character that mules. Then remake the character in pre for the next trip over with yo' stuff. Remember to have someone hold your belt pouch, weapons, Charr packs, etc. in pre until you return with your new mule. This saves tons of money thru not re-buying the same expensive items over and over.

For more info check Guildwiki. Arcturus is remaining in pre-searing to help others pursue LDoA. This mighty patriarch of the Tormance clan is easily spotted in the game. He is extremely tall and wears black clothing. Ask him to help.

"This group is a really good group. They're a lot of fun and they work so hard. That makes all the difference."
~Maskull Tor, Necromancer Prime and Guild Leader of the Kudzu Dragons


Mudslingr said...

Why am I hearing about this a few months after the fact? Seems after all of the runs we made, I would have gotten a call, email, or something. Oh well, congrats.

Dock said...

LOL, really no bragging rights here. After 2 years of trying Arc finally moved up from 16 to 20 in 10 days. I was still death leveling when the new strategy with missions became available. Actually made 2 levels doing the same mission over and over.