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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

False Photos

Beware of emails that claim to have photos of Bin Laden dead. These may be from a known source too. So don't even open any photos or visit any site that claims to have these faked, photoshopped pics. You may be duped into the scam because the email address looks familiar. Various instances of virus infections may occur. Some scams are installing the nightmarish desktop hi-jackers. So stay safe. Avoid anything like this. I've received two suspicious emails and deleted them immediately without opening. Just because the Navy Seals ganked the most notorious criminal doesn't mean there aren't others out there.

"We cannot overstate the sacrifice our military personnel - all volunteers - are making to ensure the security of their fellow Americans."
~Carl Levin


Anonymous said...

Guess Osama got his wish and is now frolicking with his virgins now. Too bad he missed the fine print that 'splained about how they were virgin hawgs and Boars to boot

Grasshoppa said...

SILENCE! I keel you!

Dock said...


Mudslingr said...

It's just a flesh wound!