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Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am completing my last computer build. I've had it. This has cost me enormous time, a lot of worry, a ton of undeserved stress, spikes in blood pressure and a friendship is in jeopardy. I'll still work on hardware, but no more complete builds. There is a great company, SwinTech Designs, listed in the links that will build you an enormous machine at a very reasonable price. SwinTech is a very solid company piloted by a technician friend of mine. Chris is competent, trustworthy, a great friend and a very decent human being. He will build my next machine. Well, that is, he will build it if there's ever enough money to afford another computer.

The plan was to relax and enjoy Guild Wars this weekend, but that won't happen. Instead it's time to pull my hair out, probably cuss, take extra meds to keep my blood pressure under control, and basically sit here anxious until this machine leaves the beach house. Also have to finish an OS re-install. Hope everyone enjoys this holiday weekend. I won't. Am taking this work to another location and ignoring the phone so people can't bother me. This stuff has to be done. Hope the Good Lord will let me live at least a few days afterwards so I can remember and enjoy what it's like to not have this self inflicted (and deserved) guilt upon me.

Posts will be short for a few days. Must go finish this machine. It will be an awesome unit once completed. Pray that the hospital is not a necessary alternative this long weekend. Later.

"A man cannot be uncomfortable without his own approval"
~Mark Twain

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Grasshoppa said...

thanks for the plug big guy, but don't swear off building just yet. If this SwinTech thangy takes off I may need some help...lol. I know they can be frustrating, though. Hang in there!