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Saturday, May 07, 2011

iOrchard iNews

My love hate affair with Apple continues. Can you imagine me working in an Apple store? My first job in the computer business was selling and repairing Apple II+, IIe, and Lisa models. Don't remember the name of the store (it's long gone), but the owner was a Yankee cheapskate name Rob PooPeel or something like that. He might have had a thriving business if he'd adapted to southern culture and realized that he actually didn't know as much as his "ignert hillbilly" neighbors. Oh well, some of the finest folks I know are from up north so Poopeel is part of a very small minority. Yet, they do exist. Enough. Back to Apple.

The vast majority of tech types in this area were flabbergasted when Tupelo High School went Apple. Bill Gates needs his butt kicked for not beating them to the punch. I did what any tech type would do in such a case and acquired an Apple. It runs the latest OS and I used it to learn the quirks involved. After many folks were duped into embracing Apple by the Tupelo School Board, I tried to adjust. Guess the sporadic negativity towards the orchard down through the years is where I need my butt kicked. Some long time favorite clients of mine (pulled over 5 miles of cable on their property when the home was built - really didn't want the job and had subcontracted to someone else that left the country so I finished the job to ease their anxiety and desperation) whom I actually considered good friends, went Apple and I've seen them one time in the past 2 years. That was a chance meeting at a local retailer. Oh well so much for loyalty and friendship. No doubt they could have saved money by seeking tech help locally, but they chose to drive to Memphis for purchases and problem solving. Used to read here all the time. Money says they'll never see this article. Enough whining about spilled apples, no doubt life continues...and I wish these folks continued success and happiness.

Contrary to orchardites belief they are godlike machines, Apples have problems just like PCs. They DO become infected with virus problems of all kinds and spyware. You just don't hear about it as much since Apple only has 3% penetration in the world market while Windows machines own 90%. The build concept is very much the same as the mighty PC. But, they are slow, new to multi-tasking, EXTREMELY limited in the software area. There is not now nor has there ever been any type of retail Apple computer that will even come close to my Toshiba Qosmio X505. And it's a laptop! If you are a gamer, forget Apple. The less than 1/10th of 1% Apple online gamers almost always load Linux onto their machines and then run WINE in order to game. Sounds like a lot of trouble? Believe me, it can be a nightmare.

Why the old skeleton drug out of the closet and dusted off? Well, it is my considered opinion the smartest move the people at Apple have made to date was going Intel as far as processors. Now they are forgoing even that! Sheesh! You can read about it at Compterworld. Karen Gaudin (pronounced Go-dan), the person who penned this article, seems to think it is a huge problem for Intel. Homey don't think so. Homey does think it is a megazilla problem for Apple. They finally get it right and now they are about to ruin a good thing because bottom line greed has them. It always has dominated this company. Wake up Apple. Get off those ridiculous desktop, laptop prices and sell more machines! Quit lying about only Apple parts work in Apple computers so folks will consider buying your products. Take some of that profit and use it to expand your software market. Microsoft Office for Apple still outsells all other Apple software applications combined, ROFLMAO!

In closing it must be mentioned they have done a wonderful job with cell phones, music devices and their tablet reader device. I'd love to own one of each. Just too expensive. I'd rather eat.

"You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well."
~Lewis Smedes


feleciab said...

Just a heads up on the gaming side. If you have a steam account you can play most of the windows games now on steam. Not that it is a big selling point and I am not a mac user. Just saying it available for those apple lovers that want to play the same games that the PC guys play.

EdC said...

40 years of desktop computing (that counts IBM terminals and X-terminals of course), even looked into early prototype miniboxes running FORTH. And I'm still amazed that Apple gets its' small but pedantic market share. OK, it isn't really a cult, it just looks like it at a distance and up close. One of my family advocates all things Apple. I tell him it's nice to support stuff made by Mattel, but I'd rather he'd have stayed with Tonka Trucks. hee hee ....

Dock said...

May create a post about "Steam" games. Be interesting how many people use it and how. Have an account, but never use it. Just not interested. Still, it makes ppl dependent on a secondary platform.

Great analogy about the trucks and both a great comments.

Ashby Rhett Cullpepper III Jr. Esq. said...

From what I hear Apple is about to cease the ability of their OS to run on wintel boxes hacked or approved. I know a guy that works with BIG IRON in the IT world and he was flabbergasted when he found out how much it cost to give his darlin daughter the iPad she wanted........
But at least he had the kind of money to be able to spend it.........So all is happy in their world till She HAS TO HAVE that Bugatti Veyron.....LoL!