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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Way to Go Cyndane!

Congrats and props to Cyndane Eloize, a Superior Air Elementalist, who obtained the title of Legendary Cartographer in Guild Wars. She has explored 100% of the the continents which is a long, tedious accomplishment. Ashy and I were there to help her make the jump across the ravine in Dunes of Despair where she completed this great accomplishment. She has finished many areas alone in 'hard mode' while working on her vanquishing titles. Her need of assistance has been minimal. Shout out to Forest, Merlin and all others that have helped. She will finish Talus Chute in hard mode and obtain Legendary Vanquisher soon. This is one tough gamer who can bring the enemy down with huge strikes of lightning that seem to fly towards her victims from everywhere. She wields one of the best looking weapons in the game, a Moteh's Lightning spire and looks good while doing it. Great effort by a great player!

If you have any major Guild Wars accomplishments you want listed, let me know. I'll be glad to post recognition of your efforts. Remember, contrary to what some believe, I CANNOT read minds so you have to tell me this things! Email your information to cybersouth@gmail.com.


Grasshoppa said...

rock on JK!!!!

feleciab said...

You go girl!
Its been a long time coming. bet you are glad that it is finished, huh?
Congrats again on a fine job.