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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catching Up on a Few Things Techno

It looks like Windows 8 may be due for release in 2012. That's the opinion of some folks. Check it out at Information Week. There are rumors of Virtualization and many interesting links at this site. My opinion? They've done a great job with Windows 7 and the vast improvements in Vista, except for Vista Business, which still sucks, along with Vista Home Basic. Home Basic should never have made the cut, it really sucks. Good guideline is to always buy Home Premium versions or above (with the exception of Vista Business) of any newer Windows operating system. Still use Vista Ultimate and with all the upgrade installs it's a hoot that so many people think I am actually running Windows 7. Have Windows 7 on the Qosmio laptop and love it though. BTW support on XP Pro has been extended to the year 2019. Wonder how the new Windows phone will do? They do have a way of being a bit late, but then smashing the market shares, Zune excluded. Anyway, Windows 8 news is worth watching.

NVIDIA users; Check your drivers. New one issued for many cards on 10/25/2010. It's run on this machine for several days and I seem to see some speed increase and frame rate improvement. Sometimes they do awesome things and sometimes not so much. This one leans towards the positive. Go to their DOWNLOAD DRIVERS site and check it out. Be sure and fill in the info about your card.

ATI/AMD Vid Card fans; Yes, I will start posting update news for your cards too. Running an Asus Silent card in one of my machines and will be checking the site. Hey, both manufacturers are good. It's become no contest. Equal card via manufacturer equals equal performance and price anymore. Bear with me you will start seeing the update links as they are issued.

Still fighting the same 3 machines, but winning the battle on all 3 fronts since making a power supply change in one unit. Got to get back to the bench. Scans are finishing. Later.

"We are always talking about being together, and yet whatever we invent destroys the family, and makes us wild, touchless beasts feeding on technicolor prairies and rivers."
~Edward Dahlberg (interesting concept)

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