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Friday, October 15, 2010

Guild Wars Efforts Endorses Breast Cancer Awareness

Tomorrow at 1:00PM CST Guild Wars will introduce Rosa Salvitas in Lion's Arch. She is also known at the, "Pink Lady." Her name roughly translates, "Pink, who is healthy." She will stay through the end of the month and sell pink dyes promoting breast cancer awareness. The dyes are only 100g in the game and is a great way to show your support of this humanitarian cause that has made great strides in treatment. This has my complete endorsement as does contributing real money. We wiped out Polio and Small Pox (although some muslim terrorists have tried to bring it back} so why not this horrible disease that has touched many of our lives. The damn baboons in the government should be contributing American dollars to such efforts instead of promoting a socialist medical plan that will fall flat on its ass! Let's go, girls and boys!

"October, as you know, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To increase attention, I've whipped up a dye that will certainly increase visibility. Would you like a vial?"


Ashy said...

There was an overabundance of Pepto-Bismol armor in LA!

Arelin said...

Liking the pink dye a lot, especially on Arelin's Citadel elite leather. The brown and pink are very chic :-)

dock said...

Glad y'all have picked up the spirit of what is a great cause. Wish everyone would! Thanks!