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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flu Shots & Windows Updates.

Working on an article and map about where to get flu shots. You can start your search by going here. I finally got one last year and it worked! First time in years I didn't stay sick all winter. Google maps will point out where to find facilities that are participating. You will have to allow them to track your geographic location. I did this and almost instantly it popped up a map and a list with detailed info about location, hours, cost, etc.

Has anyone else found it difficult to download Windows updates? I've been trying with one computer over a week and it fails to install them. Now I have 3 PCs and getting the same results. This machine I am using to write this post has downloaded updates automatically. The 3 PCs are running XP while this one is using Vista Ultimate SP2. Please let me know your experience with this problem and any possible recommendations or 'fixes.' Comments are below and the email addy is at the top of the page. Do know they have issued a lot of updates in the past few weeks.

It's late. Trying to rebuild 3 PCs is somewhat stressful. Each individual machine has its own quirks. These are made by 3 different manufacturers so that's a contention. Be so glad to get them back online at their respective desks.

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Grasshoppa said...

hadn't gotten one in a few years, and couldn't really tell much of a difference myself. However, since the H1N1 thangy happened, and the health fair deal was at work, and it didn't cost me anything, I got one yesterday. In the past, they had made my arm very sore, and I felt crappy for a couple of days. But, this shot...arm's not been sore, and haven't felt bad, so I think they've improved the formula, and H1N1 strain vaccine is included so no two shot deal. Not bad. We'll see. LOL.

Dragor Rogue said...

never ever ever ever ever take a damn flu shot!
Do your research! Read the facts!