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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Early start today. Have 3 PCs benched and still can't complete Windows Updates. Mudslingr sent a suggestion and am about to try it. Hate having machines sitting around this close to finishing. One I've had for almost 2 weeks. Thinking about a 'format C:'. Very frustrating. Anyone else that has ideas please let me know. I bet Mudslingr's "fix" will work though. Will keep you posted.

Still trying to become organized and clean up the garbage dump known as the beach house. It's been a most trying year. Hardest on me since 1996. Gosh, the Summer of 95 is legendary and then the world crumbled the next year. Please, everyone stay safe, take your meds and hang in there. Times are extremely rough economically and we must fight our best fight to overcome the current members of the monkey house aka federal government.

Please remember to vote. Tea Party members are leaning towards the GOP heavily in hopes not to split the vote. We've got to run that witch Pelosi out of her current position and start repairing the horrendous mistakes "enforced" by the current administration. That absurd health care agenda MUST be changed.

Back to the work bench. Hope I get all three of these completed today. Sorry about the whines. It's going to get better...

~Dragor Rogue

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