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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Great Gaming Buy

If you live in this area, you can pick up a great buy on Guild Wars Eye of the North at your Fred's store. Dragor Rogue purchased a copy for $10.00! Please remember this is NOT a standalone module. You must have the original Guild Wars (Prophecies) in order to play EotN. This a great addition with many benefits and beautiful rendering. It opens up a huge area that is filled with beautiful countryside and awesome adventures. To be precise, 'IT'S COOL, DADDY-O!

Hate that Ole Miss lost to Arkansas. The game was delayed for a while due to possible lightning strikes. Stormy day for the Rebels and Colonel Reb. The black bear mascot sucks!! sucks!! sucks!! Colonel Reb Forever!!!! Give 'em hell Alumni!


Mudslingr said...

If you don't have any of the games and would like to get started, Wal-Mart has the set (all 4) for $40. That equals out to $10 each.

dock said...

Great tip and a super value.