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Sunday, October 24, 2010

GW2 News

There is an awesome collection of articles about Guild Wars 2 at PC Gamer Online. One disappointing item is several of their writers are predicting a 2011 release. Also, if you are a Guild Wars player be sure and check out their online Hall of Monuments Rewards Calculator. This will help achieve points that will have something to do with the connection between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

The release date will be interesting. NewEgg.com still has 11/03/2010 listed as ship date. The GW sites are gearing up like the release will be anytime. We will see what happens, huh?

"Time, time time is on my side, yes it is..."
~Jagger & Richards


Ashy said...

N Gamespot Brick and Mortar are using 11/03/10 too!

Arelin said...

I'd be happy just to hear about a beta! I've been pretty convinced for a while it wasn't gonna happen until 2011. I'm thinking somewhere around late March-ish probably.