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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yet to Come Part 2

Anyone can make predictions. The internet is informative and that's with a huge wow factor. But beware, not all info is correct. That said, let's look at some of the hubbub around the web;


Tablets are here to stay. For a while. The variety grows, hence competition boosts the quality and power factors through the roof.

No doubt Apple led the the way with the iPad. I own one. It was a gift last Christmas that rarely leaves my eyesight. Kudos to Apple marketing and their manufacturers. Nice delivery on the retail side and an excellent product. At Christmas Flash based media was a slight problem with Apple. Today, a shift has occurred and playing media problems are virtually history.

Apple has a few minor drawbacks. Why won't they let us replace the batteries? Price is somewhat a factor. Their proprietary interface cable could use some upgrading, like maybe a standard USB 3.0 which blows everything, including Firewire, away. I do like the current trend that the orchard seems to be moving away from Big Brother type control. A few days ago Apple made Chrome available for iPad. Haven't used Safari since, lol.

Android based tablets are on fire. A huge part of the cause is the Kindle Fire. This is a great tablet. At 200 bucks it's a steal. They will offer some new models before year's end hopefully reflecting their decent price marketing strategy. I know several techies that use the Toshiba tablets and hear nothing but praises of these devices. And Windows is busy taking things off the back burner of their tablet stove. Just wait, they won't be left out of this market.


Solid State Drive. Say it with me and remember it, "Solid State Drive." They are not coming...they are here. There are two in this laptop. More about that later. One advantage to these drives really stands out. Can we say, "Screaming yellow zonkers fast?"

The next evolution in hard drive technology has many positive features. They have no moving parts so the heat factor is all but negated. You don't defragment SSDs. Very quiet devices that take up minimal space in a case. The market has grown competitive so prices are becoming more realistic. Many more features exist. Here is an idea of size difference.
That's a standard hard drive on the left and the SSD on the right. Quite a difference, huh? Also, the SSDs will fit most laptops that use SATA interfaces.

Why 2 SSDs in my laptop? One is a boot drive that runs Windows 7 Pro and essential software. The other is for downloads and MMO files. Also there is a 500GB 7200rpm external drive for data. The primary drive is a Plextor 128gb. The secondary is an Intel 120gb. The Intel drive was a gift several years ago and has performed perfectly. But, the Plextor was brought online a few months ago. Wow, fast? Please click on the Plextor link above.

The software that cloned the drive (Acronis) was easy to use and transferred everything is less than 15 minutes. That's right in 15 minutes, operating system and data! After fine tuning a few days, this laptop actually booted in 7-9 seconds! Since then I've changed the MBR and it boots in 20 seconds. Hey, toys? lol.

Just look at the specs in the two above links and it will help clear up doubts about speed and reliability. Here are some more links concerning SSDs:

Oops. No care about a deep gash in my leg? Oh well, more links tomorrow, stay casual. (Am I milking this or what?) Comments please.

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