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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Last weekend there was fun around Sis's house. Jim Couch showed up. He was in good spirits as was Felecia. Heck, I was happy too. Why all the joy? All three of us were participating in an online beta test of Guild Wars 2. Haven't heard of Guild Wars? Well, hang on, it is about to knock the MMO, online gaming community right out of their virtual socks and shoes...or elf boots if you happen to be wearing them.

Simple way to embrace online gaming. Go down to the Walmart, purchase Guild Wars 2 (available August 28, 2012) install it and start playing. It's that simple. You don't have to be a Guild Wars 1 player or need any gaming strategy. Just start playing. The game will teach you. If you don't like fun, have a sh-ty attitude towards life, or rejoice in the pain and agony of others please don't play. Spend that money on badly needed therapy.

I hope my assessment is clear and easy to understand. With clothes on, this game is the most fun a human can have period, end of statement. It's gorgeous beyond all expectations, the sound is awesome, ease of play is good for gamers and non-gamers and there is NO monthly fee. Unless you are hopelessly stuck in Muggle land you'll like GW2. Several million people experienced the beta test last weekend and it's 99.9999% assured to be the next evolution in online gaming.

The folks at Arena Net have delivered. If you have never played an online game, start now...or on August 28th.

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