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Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Friend

Jim Couch had a stroke late Monday or early Tuesday. He is in NMMC and I have room info etc. I just talked to his Dad. He is presently comatose and the family has not been able to learn more at this time. Jim has been my friend for over 30 years and my prayers for him and his family are accompanied by many others. Jim is a super human being and has touched a lot of lives. Folks, this is a friend that I talk to almost daily. We have helped each other through ups and downs, with Jim being the better friend. He attends church and has a tremendous amount of faith. Join us in prayer for Jim, his daughter, and parents.

EDIT: Jim passed away around 11:00-11:30AM this morning. As details transpire about arrangements, I'll post info here. Jim is fine. He's crossed the bar to take his place in heaven. Let us support his family in this time of grief.

I love you, brother. Sing with the angels.

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beagle said...

He will be truly missed by many folks. May he rest in peace and laugh his rear off at all us while he keeps watch from up above.