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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yet to Come Part 1

Several major changes will happen during the next 300-400 days. Well, this is all possible if the Mayans are/were wrong about December 21, 2012.

Windows 8 will be available at retailers in October.

The highly anticipated (for years now) Guild Wars 2 will crank up late August.

For some goofy reason beyond my power of understanding, Google will pull the plug on the iGoogle homepage November 1, 2013.

Flash will be out of the mobile business in a few months.

There will be 3 new models of the Kindle Fire arriving before the holiday sales.

A 7" iPad is now being developed in Brazil for some reason. It should be available before the end of year. Hey Tim Cook! Give those jobs to the legal citizens of the USA!

Mozilla has announced no further support of Thunderbird, a great email client. Simple solution - use GMail.

Hopefully, we will once again become a nation united. Sad that the socialist leaning incumbent is uniting the country under a banner of hate and disappointment - for him.

Tomorrow's Post: A few personal predictions about hardware trending in the near future. Be sure and catch my take on SSDs. Don't know about SSDs? Links will be there for your enjoyment and pleasure.

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