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Friday, July 13, 2012


Here at the beach house there was a love hate relationship concerning Apple in the early years of this blog. Then Apple changed in a positive fashion to their latest operating system based on FreeBSD. Shortly thereafter they switched to Intel processors. Their market share has more than doubled since making these wise changes. It's really not about the hardware though. They have always manufactured great products. Jobs finally decided to enter the mainstream of computerism.

The very first job I had in the industry was a salesman/tech for Apple. My disdain with things orchard started years ago when Steve Jobs made the claim that Apple was faster than PCs. Absurd and very undignified. This was during the Power PC chipset incarnation and hyper threading or dual core were not terms familiar to fanboys. Shucks, multi-tasking plumb evaded them. Now this is not to say that Apple computers weren't nice products. They were and are to this day. But fast as a PC?

Today the market has changed. No doubt a business can run on Apple networks, but it is far more cost effective to use the PC format. Heck, the cost of software alone is a huge savings. So, as technology evolves it'll be fun to watch this healthy competition. In the meantime, something new is learned every day about the iPad. An iPhone is a dream. Hope it comes true one day. But trade my Toshiba Qosmio laptop for a MacBook? That won't happen. I leave every morning armed with a PC and an iPad. You don't have to pick sides in this age old debate. It's okay to like both!

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Ashy said...

been calling trying to check on ya after the trouble you had other night getting up from chair and leg not wanting to function.....guess since you are posting yo is still pre dirt.