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Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Monday: I'm Back with Jimi

Sorry about the absence, may go back and fill in a few days with tech help or just consider this time off for R&R. That's rest & recuperation not rest and relaxation, lol. Here's a classic and also one of my favorite Hendrix songs.

If I catch up any on the blank posts during the past few days it'll be for the most tech help and also look fortwo hilarious YouTube videos of Steve Bridges imitating Obama tommorrow. Obama is trying to have him censured. Anyway check it and have a good laugh!

"We have a set list, but we work up a lot more (songs) than we're gonna do. That way we can throw things in and change it around, especially if we're in a place for two days. It's good to keep yourself interested. The last show we did five songs we never rehearsed and that certainly sparked us up."
~Tom Petty

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