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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Please Don't Irritate (BEWARE There is Profanity in the Clip Posted)

Okay, I've sorta' had it with another fellow named mike west (notice no caps). He has ppl spamming me with all kinds of junk and it's irritating. This has been going on for several years since I offered the addy to him for the price of $1000.00. I won't sell it for that anymore. Fortunately, I participated in early GMail tests and have two very unique GMail addys, mikewest and cybersouth. Please don't send anything to the mikewest address because you will be reported as spam. Use cybersouth@gmail.com. No doubt I may be opening a flood gate, but this is fair warning that I have his real email addy and may ask everyone to send him (or forward) all that junk we get. Tiring, to say the least. It's my intuition that he has cybersouth's page addy and reads it on occasion. Years ago I might have done a DOS baddy thangy. Old hackers know what DOS means, other than Disk Operating System. Don't think there was anything illegal, but did look around a bit. K, am white hat here. all the way, and don't do gray ops anymore. Stopped in the year 2000. But seems like it's not illegal to promote others from jacking with the dude. Chances are you have noticed I am not publishing his actual email addy,yet. Hope he reads this and ceases this annoying invasion of privacy. Guess we will see...

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