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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Most Decent Opinion

Recently, I received this outstanding email from someone that speaks bluntly about several issues and it so happens I agree with him. IMHO, his insight is worth sharing:

Health Care

Well yeah, I've seen it before - it points out how ludicrously out of touch with Joe Common Public the Congress has been for the last - what, 32 years? This fall's mid term elections sure sent a shock wave to Washington - no more "business as usual". Well, in theory. In fact, many things will still be called pork barrel. Many legislative initiatives will still be called special interest. Insufficient attention to an insurmountable national debt will be given, and the Fed will authorize Treasury to print more money that is a borrow against that debt until the dollar is toilet paper. Well, unless we go back to 1913 and repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and force out soverign currency (the dollar) to represent specie of holdings. Even then, our money would be based on promise to pay, not on tangible assets. But I think there is a lot of specially prepared paper at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving that gets unrolled to print unsecured currency. Health care objections are valid, but keep in mind they are about our quality of life, and the principle of free enterprise being usurped by a national government that has no actual authority to do so.

My personal take is that "hot button" things like health care, gays in the military, international banking cartel subterfuge on the world's economy in order to optimize political and social power, taxation and fundamentals of bearing the cost of government - all are important. Yet none of them matter if the PC backassward bending over to "religious and cultural differences" doesn't stop. Unless we actually want a world run by Sharia law, ejecting Muslims - yes the good along with the bad - ejecting illegal immigrants of ALL national origin, no matter how much they pay or what their academic credentials may be, is the most important first step to national security and preservation of our Constitutional based republic. Note I said republic, NOT democracy. Democracy in the purest sense is impossible, since we don't believe "equal", we don't work "equal", we don't reproduce "equal", we don't eat "equal", and above all don't think "equal". And curiously, there is no such thing as "common good". That's a term made up to justify doing things that many people view as objectionable, but can't do anything about it. After the basic four needs are met, there is no such thing as common good. Only food, shelter, water, and self defense count. Everything else is optional, and the options cause conflict.

He received an inquiry as to how to accomplish a return to sensible government and put our country back in order. Once again, I fully agree:

1. Subsidize recall of all outsourced labor back into the U.S. (job recreation, tax base increase)
2. Pay for that with tax credits to the businesses that do it, and impose 100% tax on those who don't (accelerator for point 1 above)
3. Make brokerage of speculative trading (futures and toxic bundle repackaging illegal, enforce it (moves about 1.36 trillion out of foreign banks and back into the domestic economy)
4. Convert defense and education spending principles. For defense, cost out and fund a fixed no-tolerance level of deployment, and make national service mandatory for everyone except the blind, the mentally incompetent, and the terminally ill (keeps standing army-navy-airforce etc level constant and decreases unemployment by a bunch)
On education, revert to local budgets and controls and curriculum criteria, and get rid of Robin Hood treatment of districts (avoids going nationally to the lowest common denominator). Convert ALL taxation to 50% national, 30% state, 20% local distribution.
5. Use a standard tax rate (14% or 18% depending on which economist is right, no matter what the income is). As more people are employed, distress level poverty is reduced - albeit never eliminated - and the state and local services benefit greatly. The Federal income from taxation actually goes up, the state income from taxation goes way up, and the local keeps control of its' share of source earnings.
6. Get rid of "Homeland Security" entirely, and dedicate the military to what is called border protection and enforcement of removal of illegal immigrants. This implies NOT giving such immigrants the same benefits and protection under law as U.S. citizens, while restraining the military from any role in Justice Department process or local judicial process. Might have to withdraw from all foreign outposts as a result, but I'm willing to have that happen. This is a favorite peeve of mine - there is no reason to have an enforcement branch in Customs, Commerce, Interior, etc etc nor any reason to separate domestic and foreign and defense intelligence communities. The communications linkage alone is risky, and ONE superagency can be partitioned across State (CIA), Defense (DIA and NSA), Commerce (OEE), Treasury (IRS), Justice (U.S. Marshals), and general domestic (FBI) at a whopping savings in cost.
7. Outlaw lobbying by industry specific entities. Limit PAC's to purpose statements, which must be made available to ALL U.S. Representatives and Senators simultaneously. No more bills that legislators don't know about, no more power plays based on size of "investment".
8. Dedicate 12% of all other federal budgets - defense included - to R&D and higher education in support of R&D. Reverses the American downslide in math and science education at lower levels, and provides continuous improvement in all operational aspects of living.
9. Prosecute ALL Ponzi and MLM schemes. Cut away at people making huge money simply by acquiring other people's money. (All transactions should be simplex or duplex - direct purchase or barter, or multipartitioned exhange like auctions which are duplex, e.g. sold by agent)
10. Understand and in simple language, make people aware that the deficit is a NUMBER, escalated by derivation of other NUMBERS, hijacked by non-transparent manipulation of currency valuation and government spending beyond what exists - if we are to have a reserve, reinsure it with national depository, NOT in issue of Treasury notes to foreign entities.

Lots more, headed to grandson's football game!

God Bless the United states of America!

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