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Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Monday - Daryl and Todd

It was inevitable these two extremely talented musicians would sit down together and produce soulful harmonies that would touch one's heart. Todd Rundgren has been around for a while. On his early albums he usually played all the instruments and sang all the vocals (i.e. A Wizard, A True Star). Brother Daddy Dan saw him and raved so much I caught the Wizard act and was blown away. He also raised Liv Tyler along with her Mother. Yes, I know she is Steven Tyler's daughter, but Todd was a grand man stepping in as the father figure during her formative years. I think they all did a great job. Liv is awesome. And Daryl Hall. What can I say? He's one of the truly great ones. Em, thank you for turning me on to the series, "Daryl's House." Extraordinary music up in there! This is live. It moves me...or the earth under me.

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Glad you are enjoying "Daryl's House" :)