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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tuesday with Decisions

My online gaming days are being put on the back burner until I can find the gumption and where-with-all to overcome certain shortcomings. It's not possible to reward myself with a few hours of fun and howling in Guild Wars or SWTOR. So, I am going to take a needed sabbatical and try to reconstruct my priorities. Accomplishing closure on the damned VA problems because I am tired of being co-dependent and hungry, literally, has to reach fruition. No this is not a curb of addiction. I reached that point back in 2005, LOL.

So the advent of Guild Wars 2 is enticing, but it has to be delayed in my life. This is not a spur of the moment decision. Getting a grip on my abuse of people and returning to a self sustaining life is tantamount. Therefore, don't expect me the end of this month in the regions of Ascalon, Divinity Coast or Lion's Arch. Maybe later, who knows? BTW, might be a good idea not to jack with me regarding my few weekly hours of fun. This has been a very hard choice.

Do we have to give up all that is fun in order to die? Hope not.


Aang Woo said...

Proud to see writings like this. Not that I'm saying you need to give up the fun, but getting a grip on life is awesome. Let's get to it, my friend. Remember, you never have to do these things alone. Most battles are not fought by just one, sometimes it takes an army. CHARGE!!!!

EdC said...

Amen and then some. When you are respected and highly regarded (and you are) it's more than just a musing passing by in the overheated air to think "stable and productive, just do it". Being retired many years, I wonder how on earth I ever had time to go to work - that's the result of 'whatever comes up" planning. Work your plan, Doc .. it actually doesn't matter if pieces or parts don't show up where done is. But identifying goals, however short or long term, is worth it and know what? Pursue works a lot better than worry. Got your back, now you do the legs part.

Dock said...

Thanks everyone! Had done many things in Guild Wars 1 that will be lost if I don't get into the Game quickly such as in game objects, use of names, etc. If someone snatches my prime's name I will never play GW2. Just wouldn't be the same. And I am sure someone will create a guild using our name too. Oh well, better to eat and survive than die gaming, lol.