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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Feline or Canine?

Hmmmmmm. Cats and dogs. Or should I say Dogs and cats? Interesting individuals. I've known several examples of both species. Traits exist in them that reflect human aspirations and negative qualities. With this in mind, they still seem to be noble. Now, ask yourself, r u a cat or dog person? I happen to be both.

Dogs. They come from feral creatures that used to be feared and still are frightening. "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?" Today junk yard dogs empower this belief. Can you even wrap your mind around a time when 200 pound dire wolves roamed the earth? There is a certain nobility in such animals...wait, creatures, yes, a better word. Domesticated dogs evolved from the dire wolf. Pack animals, with hunting strategies that involved each individual working together to take down prey. Raw and admirable in the same instance. Efficient.

Cats. I do know lions hunt together, but they are not happy about it. Cats are loners. Where dogs become part of our human pack, cats barely tolerate homo sapiens. Hell, they have trouble tolerating each other. Where a dog exudes strength and power cats are graceful and have finesse. Dogs have alpha, beta etc. hierarchy while cats are, for the most part, alphas. Dogs remember things. Cats don't give a fat rat's ass 15 minutes later. They return to immediate survival tendencies. Dogs are happy until they get hungry. Cats seem to endorse the 'stock up n put it in the freezer' thangy.

Why all this jibber jabber? Are you catlike or doglike? Or have you found a conscience and discovered you are human? Be human and cast a vote in November for Romney. Think of it as being a good homo sapiens and voting AGAINST Obama (not much a Romney fan here). This is Cat Daddy signing out and I am doggone. Hmmmmm.

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