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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Era's End

It looks as if online gaming at the beach house is over. Forever. After reading the latest blurb from the Guild Wars 2 site, I am somewhat disheartened. In order to retain your character's name you have to be involved in the initial pre-launch 3 day special. If that name is lost it just won't be the same. I built a mythology around it in anticipation of GW2. Many of the last things done in Guild Wars 1 revolved around playing GW2. To fellow players - Hall of Monuments is full.

The financial crisis that started in 2009 when I lost everything in a shop fire that was fanned by later gov admin economic FUBARs, has taken a bite out of beach house happiness. My reluctance to pursue VA benefits into hell called VA Hospital Memphis hasn't helped either. That's a blog unto itself!

This concern for Guild Wars may seem childish and petty to some folks. But, I never eat out, don't go to bars, don't go on dates, don't take trips, don't pursue any hobbies (golf, tennis, etc.) and I don't even have cable TV for entertainment. I drive a 20 year old truck that I spent a ton of money on this year and wear the same clothes I had back when God created dirt. Literally, homebody homeboy. So that 6-10 hours per week seemed a great investment for a one time fee of $70.00.

KK, am venting. As you can see warp whine can be reached at the beach house. I am truly blessed with a great family and super friends. Gettin' bizzy holding up my responsibilities to maintaining independence. The bitterness is actually repressed grief over failure. It surfaces on occasion. Wish this GW2 thing could be my largest problem, lol!

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