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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

More Music Tomorrow

Random Thursday Post tomorrow. It will be the assigned theme song of my life. Something has to give. Amazes me the consistency of a downhill slide on an almost daily basis has not let up since mid 2009. Sheesh! K, must quit whining.

I am going to ask one thing of my clients that require over a 5 mile drive. Please be ready to pay a small drive cost. I did a service call that was 28 miles round trip. After working a little over 2 hours solid, I left without pay (my choice) and ran out of gas. This will stop today.

Poverty sucks and it's hacking a severe wound into my jolly personality. If you vote for that mule's rear end, NObama, this fall, take me off your friends list. Don't want to associate with people that dumbass. My IQ can't stand the hit if it's contagious. And yes, that includes all the government snoops nosing around.

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