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Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday - Is it Us?

(TEAMSPEAK clients please see EDIT below)

First incarnation (very old with Eric Tagg, co-tunesmith)

Second incarnation with Phil Perry singing, pretty awesome!

Kenya (and Grady too, lol) sings, this smokes me!

3 generations of great music centered around the same song and a great talent. Lee is a magnet. Hope you stayed until the end of the last video; Kenya is righteous and knows how to end a beautiful song. Pwn!

EDIT: TEAMSPEAK CLIENTS - During the bad weather last night the Teamspeak web server took a major hit. It is on the bench and so far it has been determined that the network card, video card and monitor are casualties. The SCSI drives are spinning up but it cannot see the network without a NIC. I am searching my bonepile to see if I can find another card. It looks like the ASUS motherboard may be gone too. Ouch! Server boards are a massive drain on the pocketbook. Please bear with me. I have the back up server in pieces and should be able to reassemble it. I'll edit this post again when the machine boots later today or tomorrow.


feleciab said...

Good song. I like each one, cant choose a favorite though. Great song to chill to.Keep up the great Music Mondays!

feleciab said...

Hey holler at me if I can help with parts and a shoulder to cry on. We can use Erol's Ts server while ours is down so no problems.

Dock said...

Lean towards the #3 version. Recorded in 2005. Kenya and Grady both can sing! On the other front, needing a decent NIC. Have one that will do, but that's an important link and am out of the the old 3com TX cards. Have a new dual band Cisco router so can do gig network - actually more intranet than internet important. Anyway, waiting parts and will bring the backup online and I guess scrap the old server. It was sure a blessing down thru the years. Hate to see it go.