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Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Utility to Aid Removng Programs

Recently a fight took place at the beach house. Actually I should say the fight continued. Since before the Christmas holiday I have been battling Windows because I grew tired of Windows Media Center trying to take over my computer. Please read this disclaimer: There is absolutely nothing wrong with Windows Media Center and if you have need of it please use it in good health with my unwavering endorsement. Hope you read that carefully. Please don't email me raising hell about how wonderful Windows Media Center makes your life and how I should be ashamed to disgrace Microsoft. The program is great. It's just that there is no use for it at the beach house.

I couldn't turn around without this Windows program popping up a message saying that I needed to install it. Upon further investigation it became a challenge to uninstall this program. Come to find out Microsoft and many other people believe that it cannot be uninstalled only disabled. After many attempts using various tools gleaned from many websites, I did stop it from popping up the "you WILL install Windows Media now, swinehound!" message. Alas, it replaced it with the following goodie:

The gauntlet was on the ground before me. Being the hardhead I am, the challenge was on.

Contrary to what appears to be common belief, it can be removed. Don't bother using normal channels. It took a semi-voodoo uber tool to make this nuisance go away. It's called Unlocker. Please, please , please understand you download this at your own risk. The beach house is not responsible if you screw up by using it and end up with a FUBAR result. This is a awesome tool used properly and a nightmare used improperly.

If you happen to have this Windows Media Center problem, please email me; cybersouth@gmail.com. I'll gladly answer with details. Fair warning - it does involve some registry hacks and the removal of a few Windows system files. Also, people worked hard producing this neat utility. They ask for a simple $5.00 donation if you like the product. So be a good person and send them at least half a sawbuck. I did.

Geek on folks! Peace out!

"Never let a computer know you're in a hurry."
~Bill Wobblynife

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