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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Subtle Changes

The beach house laptop is a Toshiba Qosmio X505. I absolutely love this computer. Sometime in the far off future, it will be upgraded to 8gigs of memory and a second drive will be installed - Crucial C300 128gig SATA III SSD (solid state "hard" drive). Don't get me wrong, it is a max gaming machine now, no doubt , I am proud of it. This laptop will always be special because it was a gift from my oldest daughter's family. They knew I couldn't afford one, hence the wonderful gift. Then to make things even better both my daughters' families purchased an uber backpack to house it while being transported. Yes, they are all super and wayyyy to good to me. Can we say blessed?

The latop's outer shell is a black piano finish with red trim. The inside is black with a gray carbon fiber texture embedded. It's also trimmed in red including the mouse buttons. It has red LEDs and a keyboard light bar that is red. When I say red I mean red as in glowing, almost flaming. Here is a picture of it:

That's an 18.4" mega screen, it has a lightning fast Intel multi core CPU, full size keyboard, awesome Dolby surround sound, 12 cell battery, a 1gig DDR5 hardware NVidia video card (!!!!) that can access another 1.3gigs of onboard memory, 4gigs of RAM expandable to 8 and a 1/2 terrabyte 7200, 3.0 hard drive which is huge and fast for a laptop. It also has a second hard drive bay which will eventually house the SSD device. Sorry to brag, but this is an uber machine and I highly recommend it. Had a problem with the video card at first. Toshiba replaced it under warranty and it was only a week out of commission. It's quiet, runs cool (temps are much like a desktop gaming machine), has a fantastic display and travels at the speed of light. This is my 5th Toshiba laptop and the problems have been minimal.

Some changes have been made. I use this as a Welcome screen:

and this is my destop background:

Both are red in order to match the secondary color of the machine. Here's an awesome link - Windows 7 Logon Changer. It's opensource and freeware, but the owner will gladly take donations...and deserves them.

Tomorrow I will do my best not to brag, blow or boast. Please indulge me. I am a grateful, sentimental old man...and not worthy. Thanks goes out to all of you for being so good to me. Stay casual folks.

"Goodness is achieved not in a vacuum, but in the company of other people, attended by love."
-Saul Bellow


Grasshoppa said...

definitely....next laptop at the grassy knoll will be one of them little darlins! Way kewl login and desktop background, too! Hoppa like...Hoppa like! gonna check out the Win7 logon thangy.

Dock said...

Man, you won't believe the picture on this machine. Just now finding out about the Dolby surround too. It's fast, but will scream with 8gigs of RAM and a SSD drive. The full size keys are pretty awesome too. K, I am being redundant.

Yes, by all means this unit gets my highest recommendation. With the RAM & SSD it should report a 7.4-7.8 on Win7's scale.

You can either copy the two jpgs or I'll be glad to email. I did change the colors pretty drastically with Picasa. Actually, you can make them any color, 1st dragon is wallpaper on my desktop and it's blue = matches case fans.

Grasshoppa said...

checked out the program, and one Google search later, I have same dragon in blue for my welcome screen, of course also to match case fans. lol. we are SUCH geeks...