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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Guild Wars Email and Doris Day's Son

Got an interesting scoop from Mudslingr. If you are a Guild Wars player be sure and delete the email going around that has something to do with GW2. There are several versions of this fake message that supposedly originates from Guild Wars Home. Remember, ArenaNet produces Guild Wars properties and NCSoft owns ArenaNet. These are the only ppl I would trust concerning Guild Wars emails. Anyway, if you play Guild Wars certainly you know the standard drill about opening suspicious emails. It's simple. Don't do it!

More about yesterday's post. I know for a fact that John Kay, lead singer of Steppenwolf, is ->NOT<- Doris Day's son. She only had one child and he was born in February of 1942. Doris Day's son's name? ->Terry Melcher<-. Fame? Was a member of the Rip Cords that was an old one hit wonder during the early Beach Boys era. Song? Hey, Little Cobra which is a car song not a song about a snake. Terry went on to produce most of The Byrds material. He also worked with Paul Revere & the Raiders, Wayne Newton, Mark Lindsay (also lead singer for Paul Revere & tR), Pat Boone, Glen Campbell, Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal, and many more. Terry occasionally made guest appearances on albums with many people including the Beach Boys.

A bit of bad press hit him when Charles Manson and his goons committed their horrible murders. He was not a member of the 'Family' or anything like that, but had turned down several songs that Manson had written. He and girlfriend Candice Bergen had rented the house at one time where Sharon Tate and others were slaughtered by Manson's henchmen and henchwomen. Some say that Manson was trying to seek revenge concerning Melcher because of the rejections. Not true. Manson Family members claim there is no basis to this fabrication. Yes, that question probably pops in all our minds, "Should we believe anything Manson Family members say?" Melcher went on to co-write Kokomo the smash hit single performed by the Beach Boys. He was also producer of their album Summer in Paradise. This is notable because it was the first album ever recorded with ProTools (therefore, it was the first digitally recorded album). BTW, Melcher won a Golden Globe award for Kokomo. He passed away in 2004 after a long bout with melanoma. He was 62.

So, no, John Kay is not Doris Day's son. Good tale though. Remember to watch those strange Guild Wars emails and thanks out to Mudslingr for the warning.

"Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful."
~John Wooden


Robert said...

Alot of us know not to open suspicious emails, but it is good to get a reminder every once in a while so thanks for the reminder i appreciate it. And i didn't know that John Kay had done all that, very interesting. Good post!

Grasshoppa said...

I reiterate what brother Rob said, and I love the quote! Nice, bro.

Dock said...

Actually her son's name is/was Terry Melcher, completely different dude. BTW I went back and corrected the post to clarify. Sorry it was misleading...my bad.

Of course John Kay is a story with depth too. Did you know he's colorblind and can only see black and white? That somehow makes him legally blind. Even though he has this and light sensitivity problems, he's an avid videographer. His problem with light is why you hardly ever see him without sunglasses. He also has pioneered music industry trends too.

Dock said...

BTW, Coach Wooden has many famous quotes, but this is my favorite. Glad you liked it.