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Friday, April 01, 2011

Solid State Drive, GW2 and April Fool's Day?

Has anyone had experience with SSDs? You know the small, non-moving parts solid state drives? They are supposed to be screaming fast! Reading reviews will prove to be mixed although leaning towards favorable. There are many pros and cons. This almost has to be part of future computer builds. Shucks, you don't even defrag a solid state drive. They are still a bit pricy, but seem to be making some headway in the HDD market. Opinions? Inquiring minds wanna' know! C'mon peeps, talk to me! N hey, no April Fool's stuff here!

But there may be some tomfoolery going on in GuildWars. Today a helicopter landed on Embark Beach. There is a quest that can be secured from nearby Corporal Bane. During this quest you play a Guild Wars 2 character. His profession is Commando. Herein lies the rub. This is an out of time sequence so the "Commando" profession may be just an elaborate hoax. It talks about calling in naval gun battery support and air strikes so the credibility is questionable. But, the folks at ArenaNet have done some strange things in the past. Who knows? Guess we'll find out using the wait and see strategy.

My money says that GW2 won't be another Call of Duty type roll playing war genre game. Don't we have enough?!?!? Please leave GW2 in the realm of fantasy and don't freak out all the Veterans. We usually don't like the 'shoot 'em up' games; especially those Vets that actually experienced combat. If this element comes into play you won't see me in the new game. Sorry, but I hope this is all a joke. If it is, it's an elaborate one. They even have an introduction write up on the GW2 official page. One last thing, please don't argue with me about this concept. You might get your feelings hurt and I am also making an effort NOT to use profanity...

"(War) It ain't nothing but a heartbreaker
(War) Friend only to the undertaker"

~Norman Whitfield & Barret Strong
(Edwin Starr's Grammy winning version
was, and still is, the best!)


Grasshoppa said...

got at least one build on www.swintechdesigns.com with a SSD in it..."The Boss" but it also had 4 2TB SATA HDDs as well...lol

Dock said...

That's a winner!!!

feleciab said...

Go check the GW2 site, They actually have a real page with skills, videos and wallpapers for the commando, Awesome!
Anet outdid themselves for this april Fools day!

Grasshoppa said...

This CANNOT be true! However, there are some missions in hard mode in GW that I'd like to have a sackful of those grenades! LOL