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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Larry Bear

Daddy didn't lasso the moon. She was so very young. I can't remember everything, but Kristi's first question was, "Moon?" Then Mom said, "Yes!" Late at night and this small innocent baby girl was pointing towards the sky. She spoke again. Three words came forth, "Daddy, get Moon?"

Yes, my miserable goofy life had purpose beyond my own selfish needs. No choice. God intervened. I changed somewhat. No negatives about Mom, she was the UBER Mother. She was a good wife and I was horrible.

Yet, God let me live. He gave me precious gifts. Granted I took them, oh yes. Why didn't I lasso? As the look back makes me realize how my selfish drive made me foolish; it scours me today.

"Quit aggrabating me, Larry E!" She'd say this with a smile so big. Larry is a friend that knew her from early on and she loved the attention. He gave her a bear she held onto until the end. Larrybear. I remember Mom saying "Good Lord, how many times am I gonna' sew this arm back on?" Trust me Larry, Kristi probably sewed it back the last time.

She went on to make straight A's throughout school. She went to Ole Miss and graduated Summa in 5 years, carrying away a Masters. Pretty good huh?

Legacy. So Great! She spent her life becoming this wonderful, rare person that had a heart bigger than life. She was and still is so very good. Her husband loves her, her sister still adores her, she got "Moon" for her two girls. Mom and Dad are so lost without her as are others.

I know it takes some folks to labor concerning this adoration. It shall never cease, but it will become the second stage to pushing forward. She would kick all our asses if we don't embrace this life and become better.

Aggrabated, she'd be...

Thanks to those that have called my daughter, Kristi, friend.

"Daddy get Moon?"

I've changed somewhat.


Grasshoppa said...
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Grasshoppa said...

Pal, we are all gonna miss Kristi. She was a fantastic friend. Man, just having to say "was" is hard for me to wrap my little brain around. I hope my G+ tribute was fitting enough, though the feeble words don't seem sufficient to me. Tina and I are praying daily for you, Jan, Jay, Mal and Riley, Em, Charlie, Mad die, and all your family. We love y'all. If any of you need us, just call. God bless.

Dock said...

TYVM my brother!

beagle said...

beautiful post! love you!

Dena West said...

Stopped by to check on you via the blog. Love you brother and praying for you as you travel this journey no parent should.

Dock said...

ty sis