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Saturday, December 08, 2012

iGoogle Alternative

           Anyone have recommendations for an iGoogle homepage replacement?


beagle said...

found article here - http://philbradley.typepad.com/i_want_to/2012/07/25-igoogle-alternatives.html

maybe it will help?

feleciab said...

Try backstitch. It is in beta but I have been pleased with it so far.

Dock said...

TY will check both!

Mudslingr said...


Dock said...

Funny you mention Google. Am playing around with using the tab open page and filling it with "tiles" aka icons from the Chrome store. It's simple, quick, free and easy to change.

Anonymous said...

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Iloggo said...

Try http://www.iloggo.com nice icon based starting page which works also on mobile browsers