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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Phone Stuff

K, phone is working. Sorta', kinda'. It's a V5 (maybe even V3) Razr that had the dust blown off it. Have jiggled the iPad charge cord enough to get about half a charge. So some things are better. I think.

Just to mention in passing, chest pains are bothering me. Hope it's anxiety from all the recent frustration. Really want to make it alive until at least 4:40AM tomorrow. That way Music Monday has meaning, lol.


Grasshoppa said...

dude...holler if you need anything, k? be careful where chest pains are concerned. please, please don't ignore stuff like that thinkin it'll just magically go away. I speak for Tina and myself when I say, we love you, buddy, and want you here with us for a long, long, time to come. go see the doc, just to be safe...please.

Mudslingr said...

I agree with Hoppa 210%!!!