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Friday, May 04, 2012

Concerning Antivirus and PDF

Are you aware that McAfee was arrested? No, not for writing the most overated antivirus program. Seems the local political machine in Belize, where he now resides and works, was mad because he wouldn't give up the cash to their henchmen. It's all vague at this time. One nice thing about this article is that it not only explains the McAfee antivirus history; it also will relieve you to know that Intel bought the company several years ago. Maybe it will go back to being a worthwhile investment. John McAfee opted out it several years ago after selling the company to Network General in 1997.

IMHO, McAfee and Reader (Acrobat), written by Adobe, are the most overated software offerings in history. Drop Reader and go Nitro PDF. Yes it's a freebie and no I am not responsible if you download it and trash your machine. Adobe Reader seems to be gradually pulling back their funtionality which indicates it may end up off the freeware lists. We shall see...

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