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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Phone and iPad

Latest cell phone has been a Samsung. I really like it. It was a gift and had some really nice features, accessories, etc. Well, yesterday as equipment was being carried in from the truck I dropped it. Didn't realize this had happened until a few hours later. It was in a case, but moisture does strange things to electronics. Wiped off, shaken and put back together it worked until late last night. It quit suddenly. Makes me sick. Blackberry style phone that was pristine. No scratches, all buttons worked and the range was great. Now I am desperately trying to find an old phone to replace it.

Anyway, please contact me by email and I will update here when phone connectivity is back in working order. Sheesh! When does it stop? Just found out the charging cord for my iPad is kinked and it won't charge. Guess saying 'when it rains it pours' is redundant at this time. Hope the Walmart sells replacements...

EDIT: Folks, I have around 4% charge on my iPad and am having a hard time finding that Apple charge cable at a decent price. If it's a TRUE emergency I can use the iPad to talk briefly. Every time I receive a call that app is a pig. Please email, am trying to check it every hour.

EDIT2: Teamspeak is online.


feleciab said...

Hey Mike, you can borrow my Ipad charger if you want to.Just holler at me on ts.

Beagle said...

Phone in bag of rice? Worth a shot at saving it! Holler if you need anything ya know where we are! Love ya!

Mudslingr said...

Griffin Chargers are a good replacement. If you need us to order you one from Amazon or NewEgg to get a better price, just let us know.