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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disappearing Numeric Keypad

Need some help folks. Using a Dell keyboard (KB212B) with Vostros 230s and 260s. Intermittently, the numeric keypad fails. Then, just as mysteriously it starts working. This is on multiple machines. All these PCs are under a year old. I have literally spent hours scouring Google and Dell. All I get is positive reviews about this keyboard. No one even mentions this problem. Well, I haven't found it referenced, yet. Any insight will be most welcome. May end up having to contact Dell directly. C'mon, help my hair stylist or barber if you prefer. At this rate she won't see me show up because I am busy pulling all my hair out.


Edc said...

Not all reviews are good - example "utilitarian in a bad way" at http://www.amazon.com/Dell-Lightweight-Keyboard-Notebook-Compatible/dp/B005I5KFM0

May be someone else has run into this numeric keypad going null - might try


Dock said...

Just checked and of course the reviews I read were "Dell inspired." Should have paid more attention to sources. It's really not a bad KB, especially to be so lightweight. Give me an old clicker any day. Sorta' Luddite that way. And I still absolutely love my ZBoard. It rocks! TY for the fixya addy. Will check it out!

feleciab said...

Hey this may be software related.Not driver, mind you but an application that may be holding on to the numpad and not letting it go.
When the numpads stop working are you restarting and the keypads start acting right again?
This may also be a windows update thangy as well.
Just a thought. Hope this might ring a bell and give you another place to start.
Good luck , my brotha!

Commander Montgomery Scott NCC-1701 said...

If it gets beyond a failure to respond to the usual computer on vocal command I just hand it to officer Dpo k and say fix it.