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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Windows Media Center Glitch

Is Windows Media Center opening at random? There is a trojan infection going around that can cause this behavior. It is also a known problem that the Windows people acknowledge. First run your updated anti-virus software. Then run your updated anti-spyware tools. Then run an updated CCleaner.

Not using CCleaner? Might be a good idea to start. Download it at Piriform. There are three columns in the center of the download page. Click the free column (the one on the left) and download from Piriform, it's a trusted sight. After the initial installation be sure and click the Options button towards the upper left on the opening page and then click the Cookies button. Save the cookies for sites you trust. Email me cybersouth@gmail.com if you have questions.

Windows Media Center still aggravating you? Here are 3 solutions provided by the folks at Microsoft. I implemented the first two solutions before reading the forum and finally used number 3 to resolve the problem:

1. Disable the Windows Media Center Services
Click Start, type services.msc and pressEnter
Find Windows Media Center Extender Service and double click it
On the General tab, change Startup Type to Disabled and click OK to close that window
Repeat steps 2 and 3 for Windows Media Center Receiver Service,Windows Media Center Scheduler Service andWindows Media Center Service Launcher
Close the Services window and reboot

2. Disable Windows Media Center via Group Policy (Note: This is not an option for Windows Vista Home Premium users)
Click Start, type gpedit.msc and press Enter
Under Computer Configuration, navigate to Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Media Center
In the right pane, double click the only policy (Do not allow Windows Media Center to run)
Select Enabled (sounds weird but this will indeed prevent WMC from running) and clickOKto close that Window
Close the Local Group Policy Editor and reboot

3. Disable Windows Media Center via the registry
Click Start, type regedit and press Enter
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft
Right click on Microsoft and choose New >Key
Name the key WindowsMediaCenter and press Enter
Right click on the key you just created and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value
Name the DWORD MediaCenter and press Enter twice
Change the Hexadecimal value to 1 and press OK
Close Registry Editor and reboot

You can go to the forum from which the 3 solutions were gleaned here: Microsoft Answers.

Hope this helps! Download and perform these tasks at your own risk. Cybersouth is in no way responsible if you FUBAR your machine. Besides, seeking legal action to get money from me is like drawing blood from a turnip. Since neither is there, can we say impossible? You might have more luck with that turnip thangy.

"Experts agree that the best type of computer for your individual needs is one that comes on the market about two days after you actually purchase some other computer."
~Dave Barry


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