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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Teamspeak Adjustment

Attention: TS3 clients. New addy -> Same ports same pswds,etc. Just change your address in the Teamspeak Client software and leave other settings alone. You can also do a search in the Teamspeak Server list and it will load your settings. Be sure and do a save. There are multiple users online using the service at this time. Trust me, the service is running at optimum settings so if problems are encountered please check your settings. If all else fails please contact me via phone. Reason for change? Replaced a failed power supply and updated for security reasons. Sorry for the inconvenience. Always nice to have an extra server class PS in stock. BTW, UW, lol.

SideNote: The new Celtic Woman DVD, Believe, will be broadcast for the first time tonight on some PBS stations.


Grasshoppa said...

thank you as always, my friend, for having, maintaining, upkeep, and hosting (graciously, I might add) the TS server for us. You're the man! Sorry I missed your call today, BTW. Have been in the middle of a potential crapstorm, and was helping my mom-in-law.

Dock said...

Thanks for a nice note of support. Hope things get better and the storm goes away.