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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Testing Internet Speed

Two good sites that measure speed:

Metrocast of Mississippi Speed Test

Ookla Speedtest.net

Metrocast's test is straightforward and a one button click produces results. Obviously, it's tuned towards the locale. Yes Comcast people, it works fine with your ISP. Ookla Speedtest.net is about as good as it gets. You can customize it to fit most any area. I highly recommend running a traceroute or contacting your ISP to find your real server info and using it. For instance, even though I live less than 100 miles from Memphis, TN most of my internet traffic is routed through Atlanta, GA. So using the Atlanta Speedtest server performs better and this will mean more accurate results. Make an account and save your info. This site has depth. Please be careful. Watch out for embedded ads that try to mimic the style of the site and look like they are part of Speedtest.net.

Use these links with caution. Cybersouth is not responsible for any problems you create. Hope this helps.

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