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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Problems Resolved

Last week I had two problems plaguing me. One was a problem networking a Windows XP Pro machine with two Windows 7 Home Premium PCs. The other was a constantly returning glyph or sign language possibly written by the wizard Saruman in the 3rd age of Middle Earth during his Uruk-Hai period. Well folks, Windows Updates were to blame for BOTH problems. "It's sad that the ppl at Microsoft won't admit their mistakes," said an MCSE tech while answering a question in a forum.
Apparently one of the Updates wipes out a critical IRPstack entry in the registry. Why? Windows wants you to ditch XP and go Windows 7 (not a bad idea) and sneaks around like a damned terrorist and sabotages XP. Well, they didn't get away with it. Several techs volunteered the 'fix' in the MSDN developers group forum. Yes, I am patiently waiting for this info to disappear when the snakes in Redmond find it. Sheesh! Misery heaped on other folks because the greedy bastards want to make a buck. That downright stinks. Shame on you Microsoft. If you are having trouble networking XP and 7 please send me an email. The address is in the last paragraph.

Another Update destroys the font structure in Windows 7 under the right circumstances. Word is a 'fix' is being put in place covertly to resolve this problem. Nothing is more frustrating than to do a restore and then a few days later all English language looks like gobbledegook. This becomes most prevalent when trying to install Microsoft Office 2010. Immediate fix is to restore and turn off Automatic Updates (really a bad idea but necessary in this case). Please get in touch with me if you want a step by step work around. Email address is below. This thing is a major pain. Of course you can format C: and load the OS only. Then do ALL Windows updates first. Next? Install everything else. Using this approach somehow avoids the Frodo Glyph problem.

Email? Addy is cybersouth@gmail.com. Spammers beware. My filters are awesome. I never see your garbage. It is forwarded directly to Google for their use. Heck, wasted words. The creeps will send it anyway, lol! Hope the above remedies will cure ailing PCs.

"Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
~Mark Twain

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