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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Strokes Can Be Different

I've tried facebook twice now. Just not my thing. Everyone encouraged me to try it again. I did. Once again it was simply unsocial. Whether you admit it or not it seems we are all egocentric to some degree. Also, how would you feel if the only way you could communicate with me is coming here and interacting? Pause, pause, think, think, pause, pause. Just doesn't work does it? I wouldn't do it and certainly don't expect anyone else to adhere to such a silly policy either. Facebook made me feel that way. (EDIT: After further reflection, some folks may want to communicate with me this way!)

No doubt Cybersouth FTSBH can resemble a barnyard. Manure of male cattle has been slung here quite often. It's all in fun and for some goofy reason my fingers find time to put a post here occasionally. Some folks don't even read the posts. They scan to make sure there is not an obit involved then leave. That's fine. Some come here, skim every other word, then whine and complain. Even tell lies. That's fine too. If a comment really pisses me off I delete it. Actually, it has crossed my mind to do away with comments completely. Few rarely say anything and there's not any fear that bandwidth will be a problem because of massive hit counts.

Anyway, I am glad to be gone from facebook. It was very depressing to see people posting there on a regular basis that are supposed to be friends yet I haven't had phone calls from a lot of them in months. Well, I am adjusting. There's comfort in solitude. Permits more time for local fauna entertainment. Time to take meds, lol. Later.

"If I cannot understand my friend's silence, I will never get to understand his words."


EdC said...

From an old (literally) and (I hope) trusted friend: There are NO social networks worth using. They are tantamount to taking out billboard space at every busy intersection on the planet that simply says "Hey, look at ME!". I can email or call anyone I want to know what I'm up to, or what I think, and those are the only people who matter or ever WILL matter to me. I honestly can't tolerate the notion of gaining riches and notoriety through exposure. In the words of a virtual sage on evening radio drama decades ago, "That there just don't seem right to me!"

I'm all for 'to each his own', but my 'own' is not for public consumption. Knowing everything about me and all that I think is not a public entitlement - and I'll leave entitlements (the categoy) alone for now. Just my .02 and change.

Dock said...

Great comment Ed. TY. Call me a Luddite, but hearing or seeing someone while conversing is tops in my book. Glad ppl enjoy the facebook, just not our thang, huh? LOL

Dock said...

BTW, Ed you are most trusted. Thanks for all your help, brother! So nice that a long time friend still lands here