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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Microsoft and Me? It's All Good and Loveydovey!

Friends can sometimes be awesome. In a recent discussion it was pointed out that my past few comments about Microsoft were rather harsh. Yes, they were. At the time I was frustrated and angry because of all the research that was poured into two problems concerning Windows and their update procedures. One problem is prevalent (487 million hits on Google) the other not so much (maybe 500,000 Google hits). The point of contention was that I was thrashing a company that actually brought us out of the dark ages of computers and saved us from the $3,000.00 to $5000.00 machines Apple had in mind and tried to market during the beginning. Can we say Apple Lisa? Remember those? Lisa was short for "Local Integrated Software Architecture" and also the name of Steve Jobs daughter. Yes yes, I remember the Apple I, II and IIe. I actually sold and repaired them. Another story another time in a galaxy far far away in the distant past

A decent PC will run well under a thousand bucks today. Don't expect a powerful gaming machine or one that handles heavy duty autocad. But, even such specialty machines can be purchased for under $2,000.00. Yes, I can take constructive criticism. I cannot abide BS which is usually someone talking just to hear their jaws flap. So, even though I won't edit out my thoughts from this past few weeks, I will acknowledge gratitude towards Microsoft for making Windows and Office available. An observation: If they want to sell Windows 7 it might behoove them to NOT make XP harder to network. Leave it alone. To move people to purchase Windows 7 cut the prices by 1/3. Just has to be a profit there! Everyone will upgrade as is desired in Redmond. Stop putting Home Premium on new linear architecture builds (Dell, HP, etc.) and start using Windows 7 Pro. It's the one in the blue box not the green one - that's Home Premium. Shucks, most of us have some type of network so why not show folks how this wonderful operating system really Rocks! Pro is outstanding. Actually Home Premium is too if you have only one computer and don't plan on expanding. I know very few ppl that have only one PC on a high speed internet connection.
Buy the blue one!

So smooches and kisses to Microsoft for making strides in the right direction down through the years. Thanks for making computers more affordable. Thank you Linux (the flavors that are still free) and FreeBSD for giving us open source possibilities. Heck, thank you Apple for finally crawling out of that cave and using Intel processors. Oh yeah, all the iStuff too. And thank you Google for the awesome Android platform with the ga-zillion free apps. K, enough. This list could go on and on and I am well aware that I have left out many others. I do endorse Microsoft and encourage everyone to update to Windows 7, especially the 64 bit Pro version.

BTW, during my recent extensive search several Microsoft techs informed me that if your machine can run Windows 7 upgrading to Windows 8 will be easy. Your present hardware configuration running Windows 7 will be fine for Windows 8. Sorta like Windows 2000 to XP.

"There's nothing wrong with anger provided you use it constructively."
~Wayne Dyer


Elvis the Butler said...

Great recovery from anger last week, ROFL. All are frustrated by Microsoft from time to time brother. Good post and glad you r back. Life and microsoft can be bitches at times. Glad u survived recent health problems. Was worried. Mrs. Elvis says hello el lardo

Robin said...

Glad you are back. TY for this post. I did upgrade to Pro 7 Monday and my money was well spent! Pro corrected several problems. Nice to read CyberSouth and think of home.

Dock said...

Great y'all both visit. Elvis see you next week and tell Mrs. Elvis that El Lardo says hello. Robin, next time you visit down our way, let's at least do lunch.