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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spoiler for Tomorrow's Post and Edits Notification

Please bear with me. There is a new quest cycle open in Guild Wars and it's a big deal to players. There have been problems initially, but ArenaNet is striving to quickly correct the bugs. This is definitely not uncommon in any MMORPG.

In order to be brief let me reference this past Friday's Post, July 8, 2011, titled New Guild Wars Chapter. There are now 3 edits in this post that have information about bug fixes and changes in one of the 20 quests which has been a source of frustration. Fellow players may be interested. It concerns the Minister Cho's Estate quest. There is a link to guildwiki too. Friday's post has now doubled in size, LOL.

Got a great Music Monday tomorrow with a really cool link about a legal file sharing site that has over 300,000 downloadable tunes. Good stuff and it's artists from all over the world. Best new music site I've seen in years. Drop in and check it out.

Stay casual or become casual. Both work to brighten a stress filled existence. Later.

"Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off."
~Admiral Akbar

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