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Friday, July 08, 2011

New Guild Wars Chapter

The Winds of Change campaign is now available in Cantha. This the second in a set of three adventures that link the games Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Go to GuildWars.com and read more. It seems likely that this segment will involve following Miku again. There will be new clothing and a new line of weapons called Imperial. It'll be good to be back in Cantha. Seems the majority of players I know like this area less than the other two continents. What's your favorite area? Why? Cantha is the beach house favorite region.

There is a variety of scenery in the land of the Dragon Emperor. Tropical islands, snow covered alps, a sea made of pure jade, a vast city that reminds me of Hong Kong, plains where monsters and rewards are everywhere, a huge dark forest that contains the hardest mission in the game = Eternal Grove HM, all combine to make a mystical land which reflects the flavor of Cathay. You can obtain really neat elite armor, Canthan, Kurzick and Luxon. There is more Guild Wars info at GuildMag.

It will be good to discover new adventures and areas. Cantha is the smallest continent and seems very 'alive' to me. Tyria, sometimes called the First Continent, is huge with a variety of landscapes. Elona is very much a desert region with some tropical, forest regions. It's all great fun.

EDIT 1: Minister Cho's Estate quest: Be careful and take your time. This is NOT fun and the guildwiki reflects the same opinion. Remember to pull groups towards you so groups are separated. It takes a long time and the goofball peasants you are rescuing heal your enemies!!! The last one is the hardest. Beware the Assassin that quickly starts pounding her. You have to negate that 'Sin or your good efforts will be futile. All peasants must survive. I had hoped for fun quests that entailed new experience content, but all quests so far involve the same enemies with higher levels in the same old areas. Enemy aggro is horrible. I wanted to see new stuff and travel to unknown areas. BTW the game is real buggy right now and so far Miku is nowhere in sight.

EDIT 2: Minister Cho's Estate quest: This SUCKS!!!!! If someone has pointers please share. I haven't the time nor the capacity to continually bang and grind in an event where then fun has been bled out of it. Read all the wiki discussions and it still eludes me.

EDIT 3: K, the Minister Cho's Estate quest was updated at 2:00AM Sunday morning. It's still hard. You cannot "rush" this quest. I used a summoner's stone and a Spiritway team - one Aura MM, a Ghostly Might Communing Rit and SoS Channeling Rit. This is the core group most frequently used  throughout the game and the one used to attempt this quest initially.  The team of four was ramped up with buffs to +10. My Necro prime broke tradition and traded Soul Reaping mes mage garments for Curses armor. Invoked a Spiteful Spirit build that utilizes Cry of Pain (Sunspear Mesmer skill) and Web of Disruption (non attribute Mesmer skill). Very efficient since Arcane Echo is used in most SS builds hence the secondary being Mesmer. It was very cold and calculated unlike the initial offering.  The summoned NPC even survived.  Be sure and take out all foes surrounding the peasants and don't leave the area until the Canthan peasant is no longer in your party. Make sure the three peasants stay alive until they disappear from your team party list. They do not follow you. Return to KC and receive reward from Initiate Zei Ri. It is best not take the HM Bukdek Byway quest at this time. Immediately go to Seitung Harbor. See Initiate Tsuriai for the next quest. Go to guildwiki.com for further clarification. Click on the discussion tab at the top of th Minister Cho's Estate quest page to see other players opinions. It helps. During this quest patience and pulling are the keys to success.

Meanwhile, good luck in the game!

"Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind."
~Leonardo da Vinci


feleciab said...

Yes, this quest is bugged. I killed everything and neither failed nor completed the quest. I did all that work and got not a thing for it. May try this tomorrow but can feel your frustration.

Dock said...

Sorry about disappearing, power went offline so router and cable modem shut down. Gosh you spent a lot of time and effort. At least you arrived at the end. It was a huge struggle and took many buffs for me to even get to the island. Not even the half-way point.

Dock said...

ANet corrected many problems early Sunday AM. See Edit 3 above.