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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ebooks and Tablets

Own a Kindle, iPad, or other tabletpc? Want to convert ebook files to work with your device? This program is free to use and will convert say a PC ebook file to an iPad file. Not using a PC or an iPad? Don't worry, be happy. This freeware app works with over 200 devices. Besides, any software company that has a sense of humor can't be too bad. This nice attitude is apparent on their site. Check it out at Hamstersoft.

Speaking of tabletpcs, here are several reviews of some top contenders. Tablets are becoming a necessary item in every geek's bag of tricks. Take a look at GizmoCrunch Tablets Review. Also, HP and Dell offer entries too. Visit any of their sites and there's sure to be an ad about their products that will gladly direct you to various reviews. Needless to say, these reviews will be positive with great prejudice, LOL.

My favorite so far is the 32 gig Toshiba Thrive. Still want to have one in my hands to be 100% sure that Thrive is the best bet. If Toshiba holds to their reputation of building superior products this tablet should see great success. My Toshiba Qosmio laptop is definitely the all time favorite device in the beach house geek bag. For now, the Toshiba Thrive only connects with wireless printers. Word out on the web indicates that several apps are in the making to correct this small problem. Besides, cloud printing is an alternative.

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