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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Correcting Mistakes

People that spam comments are a sick bunch. There is now a heavy duty filter in place and I've been moderating comments. Doing my best to stay on top it, but it's hard to review posts every day. The filter should help quite a bit. Hopefully, we can return to unedited comments in a few days. Really hate to do it, but may ban folks that don't use a nickname. The 'powers that be' also said if I have another rash of people posting just to create turmoil and using profanity they will start tracking IP addys. That really sucks. Takes a lot of fun out of blogging. Moderation is bad enough. The recent harsh comments are under review. I am afraid we did a great dis-service to one Anonymous poster who just happened to get caught in the dust up. Sorry Anonymous person.

Nicknames are easy. Just make up something. Look around the room, call yourself an everyday item like Cellphone, Headset, your pet's name, Jalapeno, CDScratch, etc. No profanity or off colored names that slander someone's faith can be used. Blogger even gets ill about such usage. K, not much of a post today. Up all night and need rest. Stay casual. Later.

"Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died."
~Erma Bombeck


feleciab said...

How about Jalepeno on a steek! Sorry I have been watching Jeff again, couldn't resist.
Hope everyone had a Safe and Happy fourth of July!

Dock said...

LOL, Dunham is a funny guy!