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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Looked at Your Desktop Lately?

Owning a computer has many benefits. It helps you organize. It informs you. It creates structure that helps accomplish goals. It remembers things. This list can continue extensively. Healthy computers do a better job. Got your attention? Okay, huge secret about to be revealed -> Healthy computing is mandatory. Yes mandatory. Nothing about this is optional.

You are using your computer to help organize vital work. Don't do it sloppily. Put things in order. A cluttered desktop is chaotic and somewhat disturbing. Well, to me, anyway. Don't put executable (.exe) files on your desktop. Instead make a shortcut to the file and let it do its job from the "home" file.

Don't save to the desktop. Let me repeat. Don't save to the desktop. Create a download file or shortcut to the resident Windows download file and save downloaded stuff there. If working on a project create a work folder and then put a shortcut on the desktop, NOT the folder.

Using massive amounts of documents? Save them in your documents folder. I will include a documents folder inside a project sometimes. A name like 'Mike's PDF' helps me remember where info is stored. This not only unclutters a desktop, but prevents accidental deletions.

Try the Quick Launch taskbar for standard functions used often like web browsers, VOIP, web cams, etc. The included screen shot is my Qosmio laptop. This machine is a constant companion and must stay organized. Many times network problems need quick resolution. Can't afford time to sit and wonder, "Where did I put that voodoo network thangy I downloaded?" I know where it is located.

Even though multitasking is entirely possible I try to keep the amount of Windows opened at one time to a minimum. If you want to check email often use a gadget that tells you when you have mail. Don't leave the Window open. It's eating resources. Memory is tasked and this slows down a machine in a huge way. So get in the habit of opening and closing items as you need them. Trust me, this will make you and your computer happy.

Desktops have been touched briefly here today. It's your machine. If you choose to live in a chaotic world so be it. Just remember that with the advent of Vista and Windows 7 computer problems have been easier to control and not that prevalent anymore. Yes, I know there are times when you want to pull your hair out and blame the machine or Windows. Calm down, look at your desktop chaos storm and remember you are in charge. The machine has no AI capability...yet. Oh yes, please restart your machine at least once a day. More on that later.

This is so brief and barely skims the surface. If anyone has input please click on the word comments below and let us know. This is what works for me and many people I know. You may have another way or a better way to organize a desktop. Inquiring minds n all that!

"Every man has a right to be wrong in his opinions. But no man has a right to be wrong in his facts."

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