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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beach House Update

I am a whiner. Health issues turn me into a complete nuisance and utter bore. After several weeks of misery and anxiety attacks it looks like life may be returning to its sub-normal state. One issue that has bothered me is eyesight. It's hard to be happy plagued with multiple problems, but there is light at the end of the tunnel presently and I can see it.

Thanks out to everyone for their prayers and well wishes. Thanks to all for their patience with me. My major goal is finishing several projects in the coming week. Diligence is in play. No matter the obstacles, 2012 has to be a better year. God help me with health and age issues. Voters please help me with stress issues by voting NObama out of office come November.

"I asked my doctors if I'd be able to play singles tennis and they said I could. That made me very happy since I haven't played in five years."
~Walter Cronkite

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