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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Middle of the Night Post

I can't sleep. It's been a while since I've written anything about Guild Wars. Yes, I still play and try to check in daily. I've a farming system that's made to find consumables and virtual money. It involves a few minutes per day. I'll try to post a more detailed plan of attack if anyone is interested. Ahhh, if only my real world was as rich as the virtual world. Diligently fighting the current economic crisis and struggling to pay bills and money owed, I feel guilty about spending too much time in Guild Wars. But, it is the cheapest entertainment (besides reading - I am halfway through the second Game of Thrones book) around.

Guild Wars has no monthly fee. The complete game cycle of 4 chapters can be purchased for under 40 bucks today. Under 30 if you shop. You will need a substantial PC to play. Most any new PC class computer has high enough specifications. Sorry, Apple friends. Guild Wars, like many popular games, will run on only the PC platform. If you own an Apple and know how to WINE or run any of the other emulations then the problem is solved. WINE gives Apple users the capability to run Windows Operating Systems on their machines. It also works beautifully with Linux machines too.

Guild Wars is an older multiple player online game that has been around for years. It is the second most popular game in this genre. World of Warcraft still reigns number one at this time. WoW is good game that has improved down through the years, but there is a substantial monthly fee. Start up, the initial purchase, is also rather expensive. For my money, Guild Wars is awesome. For years they had a goober named Izzy Cartwright that changed the skills around, but they've curbed that dog thank goodness. He is responsible for a large number of players leaving the game. The Kudzu Dragons Guild has had several players either leave or suspend play due to his shenanigans. As my friend Ashy always says, "Every village has an idiot." Izzy's main problem was catering to PvP (combat against other live players) and ignoring PvE (players solo or in groups against the ingame characters). Needless to say the PvE players are a vast majority in this virtual world.

Anyway, if you think you want to play let me know. I keep up with the best places to buy the game and am a member of a small, but active guild, the mighty Kudzu Dragons. We have several players, as mentioned above, that have suspended play and plan on returning as the advent of GW2 approaches, which may be soon. Several of our members have maxed out the game and still play. All our guild members are willing to help each other. Some clarification; we all will help if we have time. Sometimes we are just not online long enough to participate in long ventures. However, we have been known to plan ahead. Usually Tuesday and Thursday nights plus weekends are good. Let us know if you need a max group to aid and abet. We can plan a mission or quest.

One great advantage of being a Kudzu Dragon is that we own our own TeamSpeak server. We also have a great Server Admin. Ashy keeps this service running smoothly. It is in the throes of upgrade, but we expect no downtime due to this enhancement. This service provides Voice over Internet Protocol and is provided free to members. It's nice to use an inexpensive headset (20 bucks or less at the local Wal-Mart) and be able to talk to people halfway around the world. It's an easy install, setup and very user friendly. You'll think people are in the next room! It's a great tool for online gaming and sometimes gameplay is idle due to the hilarious conversations.

The K Dragons also have super LAN parties throughout the year. We usually convene on Saturday and play until whenever. This is a physical gathering that has a nice family atmosphere with great food and much laughter. We are children friendly so you can bring the younglings. Our foreign friends also check in online for gameplay and fun.

Contact me at cybersouth@gmail.com if interested. A good time will be had by all!

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