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Sunday, November 06, 2011

About the Size of an American Aircraft Carrier - DON'T PANIC

YU-55 will pass between the moon and earth on Tuesday the 8th around 5:28pm CST. This particular asteroid has been tracked since 2005 and scientists say that it poses no danger. You will need a telescope with a diameter of 6" or greater to view it since our neighboring satellite will be in a gibbous moon phase. For those interested Leonid meteors will be visible at random times after midnight November 13th thru the 20th. Look towards the constellation of Leo for best viewing. This will be the shower's peak period.

"Keep looking up!"
~Jack Horkheimer


beagle said...

Crud forgot all about this!

Grasshoppa said...

the meteor showers are in conjunction with the midnight showings of "Twilight: Breaking Dawn"...lol

Mudslingr said...

Great Post! Reminds me of the my postings in the past. Awesome quote too! R.I.P. Jack.

Dock said...

Amen on the RIP jack and yes, Mud, great you recognized my plagiarism, lol.

Hey Hoppa, u think we need to put garlic on the windows n all that?

beagle said...

HAHAHAH Hoppa -I snorted at that. :P