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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nerds Having Fun

We had an absolute blast at the LAN Party during Labor Day weekend. The group was small, 6-10 players, but the fellowship and food were awesome. Good to see everyone. Even better that people were smiling. Tina I am so glad you are doing better after a long bout of harrowing medical problems. Seeing you smile, laugh, cut up with the rest of us was a great joy. Chris, take care of her my brother. Why even say that, lol! We all know you will. It was good to see the young ones playing. Hey Brandon! You can use my laptop to LAN party anytime! Maddie, it was super to see you and watch you play the great game of Guild Wars.

Felecia graciously opened her home and we cooked burgers and dogs. Tina brought her famous LAN Dip and Felecia made the best cole slaw I've ever eaten! Em sent outstanding cookies and Fel's baked beans were just about too good. Thanks out to Charlie for all the great help and the loan of an awesome grill. Thanks to Jim too for all the assistance! And thanks to everyone for chipping in and bringing stuff. What a great time! It really helps to spend time with good people. Robert sure helped people in Guild Wars and everyone seemed happy. Welcome to the group Casey! BTW, he has a great site that is new and leans towards conservative politics and a positive attitude towards life. I highly recommend it -> Pieces of Mr. Dixon's Mind.

Everyone stay casual and enjoy Wednesday!

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Robert said...

Me and Brandon had a blast bro look forward to the next one!! And thanks for all the hospitality, it was a memorable night for me and my son to spend a night with some good friends, thanks.